Electric heater heating function

Date:2017-03-14 09:52:21 / Clicks:893

          Now most family is decorating chose electric heater.Relative to the air conditioning, heating, such as forced convection circulation than warm air heating, people prefer the floor heating system of environmental protection.As the sickly was afraid of the cold, so have to consider using electric heater.Use place first consider the bedroom, because the bedroom is the place where people stay in the home the longest, and sleep when the temperature is lower than the daily temperature, when the daily temperature 18 to 20 degrees, sleep when the temperature of 14-16 degrees.So, sleep quality more secure, and save energy consumption.Don't dismiss it several times, can greatly reduce energy consumption, saving cost.Followed by a sitting room, here is the stay time in the second place, more communication place for entertainment and leisure, can consider to use all or partial use, such as sofa, etc., before this, the family was watching TV, you can enjoy the warmth of the electric heater and health care, also can play or yoga.


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