The development of the electric heater

Date:2017-03-14 09:43:19 / Clicks:722

        Electric heaters are developed mainly by several advantages, without these advantages, the development of the electric heater can't so fast and so stable.A because now means of generating diversity, lead to the development of China's hydropower capacity, also the economic development of our country provides ample power energy, promote the development of the electric heater.Because another eight ministries and commissions such as China ministry of construction issued the "on the guidance of pilot work of reform of urban heating system also clearly put forward, stop by a unit of energy or worker place unit featuring worker with hot system, instead of by the residents family directly to the heating of the heating enterprises pay cost, so as to stop the heating, the heat commercialization of guiding ideology, thus overcome the original user electricity for electric heater.Don't increase cost, easy to electric heater measurement.



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