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1, samples, samples, gift policy
Authorized agent in order products for the first time, enjoy a percentage discount price, free samples can be obtained at the same time, and can get Christian bok other products cost price order.
2, store image and information feedback
Company provide store image VI design scheme for agent, the agent should be in accordance with the requirements of the company's VI image decoration shop.Christian bok headquarters in advertising media, advertising effect, provides for the business agent for customers to inquire, Christian bok, information feedback to the regional agent.
3, price support
Price policy: the agent from blog to purchase contract products, enjoy Christian bok's agent for the price of national unity, or regional agents.At the same time, agent business of Christian bok products prices, sales policy and plan and maintain the responsibility and obligation of confidentiality.
Special offer application: in larger projects and projects with sample effect or in special competitive situation, in order to get better sales effect, can apply to the company for special price.
4, training policy
Christian bok will organize regular agent sales personnel training, construction personnel training, after-sales service personnel training.
5, project support
Special projects and key projects, regional director will fully participate in the project operation, cooperate with the agent for the success of the project.
6, the company development
Christian bok will assist the agent development and management, to provide help to the development of the agency and the suggestion.
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